Zen-Peace.com Now Developing WordPress on Firefox

Holiday Greetings!

Zen-Peace.com is happy to post,

We will now be developing our WordPress site on Firefox. Under the esteemed professional suggestion of BlogAid.net‘s MaAnna, we are hopeful to notice fewer breakdowns in the browser interface structure, while developing the website.

“Combining decades of technical expertise with a lifetime of creative endeavors, MaAnna Stephenson understands that one size does not fit all when it comes to websites. Her working knowledge as both a professional engineer and artist allow her to draw together the right variety of techniques that are best suited to each site owner and their target audience.”-BogAid.net

I am please to dedicate this blog to MaAnna, by showing her 2016 “Best Tips” for blogging video! Visit BlogAid.net for more Blogging Tips in 2017.


Thanks MaAnna for your dedication and assistance to an international community of Bloggers,


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