Virtual Office Management



Virtual Office Management can consist of any of the following activities:

  • Customer Database design, mailing and contact management                              

  • Data base design and management

  • Design of labels / biz cards

  • Email marketing and list development

  • US Mailing list procurement

  • Bulk mailings

  • Unconditional Day of Grace by Bob Alison
    Unconditional Day of Grace by Bob Alison
  • How to win in Court
    How to win in Court

Newsletter design

  • Newsletter distribution
  • Social media account design, monitoring, and maintenance
  • Google Apps account instruction and monitoring
  • SEO campaign development and management
  • SES
  • sem
  • promotional products with original design design
  • Affiliate procurement
  • Administration Internet and affiliate marketing

Internet & Affiliate Marketing

  • Account establishment
  • Research and monitor Products
  • Affiliate marketing banner setup and placement
  • Google analytics account connections
  • Google analytics monitoring and report
  • EBay account EST
  • EBay product setup
  • EBay monitoring
  • Merchandise procurement
  • Merchandise inventory including picture database
  • Merchandise packing, storage and distribution

Online Billing

  • PayPal account EST
  • PayPal billing
  • PayPal monitoring
  • PayPal button setup and distribution
  • Stripe
  • Square

Free Advertising banners on our social media commerce sites

  • ecwid
  • osclass


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